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Search for Offers across a wide range of Categories.


The primary objective of the site is to help the visitor search for deals across a wide range of product categories and sellers.

For a selected product, you can view key attributes such as: Product Image, Details Description, Special Offers (Free Shipping, Discounts..), Best Offer Price of the day, Customer Reviews, Accessories, Related Products.

Privacy Policy & Security

Personally identifiable information is NOT collected by this website. This website does contain links to external websites (ex Amazon) that have their own policy regarding the handling of visitor data. This website does permit google as an external party to collect web analytics data where the nature of the data collected depends completely upon the third party google. Emails may be requested only for sending newsletters or answering inquiries. Visitors may unsubscribe at any time.

Only at the time of actual purchase, the particular seller (external website) that will be doing the product delivery will collect sale related information including contact details. At the time of actual purchase, the seller will reveal other important details such as delivery time, return policy and any other details required for making a safe and secure online purchase transaction.

Since the financial safety of the shopping transactions is of paramount importance, only products and services from well known and reliable sellers are displayed. These sellers typically handle hundreds of online purchase transactions everyday without complaints.

This Web Application is best viewed on medium to large screen devices (desktops & laptops). A suitable version for small-screen devices (smartphones) is under development and will be launched later.